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This weekend’s New York Times magazine (p11) had a rundown of quirky items you could buy from vending machines around the world:

Gold bars – Abu Dhabi (just how many coins would you need to put in?)

Cupcakes – LA (sold!)

Nail Polish – Paris. Hmm.

Bras – Tokyo. Seriously.

Live Bait – Reading, Pennyslvania. (eek).

Marijuana – Boulder, Colorado.

What would you like to find in a vending machine that would make your day easier? Here’s mine:

  • A  flask of uber-confidence, to be swigged before a big presentation, a job interview or when you’re about to meet your ex’s new partner.
  • The perfect LBD (if it’s not an urban myth).
  • The five food groups aka. actual tasty, healthy snacks not dating back to the Clinton administration.

Over to you.


  1. David says

    Hi Alicia,
    My partner loves your blog and I thought I’d have a look. Congratulations, as a ‘savvy guy’, I find it very witty and entertaining too.
    From the male perspective, I’d say any electronic gadget is always a good start and a crisp white shirt (no folds) can be very useful.
    Good luck.

  2. Holly says

    Hi Alicia,
    I love all your ideas, from LBD to a flask of uber-confidence! I could certainly use them on occasion. I’ll add to that a vending machine filled with comfortable flats that you can slip on after wearing heels all night or a sit-in ‘photo-booth style’ machine for a super quick blow dry!
    Why aren’t we living in the era of the ‘Jetsons’ yet?
    Great blog!

  3. says

    I read about the gold bars. Mercifully, you need a credit card, not coins. But then I suppose you’d have some issues getting through metal detectors… They have those all over also!
    My vending item would be hot steamy bowl of creamy oatmeal. Unglamorous, but the best soothing-confidence-restoring-booster I know. And it covers your first and last wishes in one.

    • Alicia Young says

      Mirka, I’m delighted you’ve stopped by!
      I’m with you on the two-fer, it’s a good combination. And it makes me to smile to remember my first trip to NYC, where everything was outrageously expensive… we’d have oatmeal at a coffee chain every morning. It was a cheap, cheerful start to the day and kept us going for hours.

  4. says

    A delicious plate of gnocchi which would remind me of a glorious holiday in Tuscany. On second thoughts could I have a time machine instead? Would love to go back there!

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