Why I Became an Egg Donor (but forgot to have kids of my own)

Alicia speaks about her journey as covered in her award-winning book: Two Eggs, Two Kids: An Egg Donor’s account of friendship, infertility & secrets (Grand Prize Winner, 2015 San Francisco Book Festival).  She and her husband chose to donate to two couples, each good friends. The ways these families began and the way they unfolded could not be more different. One baby’s heritage was celebrated in the open; the other’s was cloaked in secrecy.

Alicia explains why she donated – and guides you through the process. In a conversational manner, she provides insight into the physical and psychological assessment she underwent, and draws on her background as a counselor to suggest questions/issues useful to both potential egg donors and recipients. You’ll also find tips for family and friends trying to support loved ones through this journey.

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