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Culture Blitz: Around The World In 60 Minutes!

A Diversity talk with a fresh approach! What defines a life as happy or successful around the world? Alicia presents a lighthearted look at some of the divergent cultures in which she has lived and worked: India, Russia, Chile, the UK, Indonesia and Malaysia to name a few. This talk is one of the most requested. You will be amused, touched and surprised by the yardsticks used by people around the world. You will also be inspired and challenged to think about your own life, and whether your current plans and framework are leading you in the direction that best honors you, as well as your dreams, goals and values.

Oxfam Hunger Banquet: Experienced Host! 

A powerful, dynamic and simply eye-opening event! The Hunger Banquet raises awareness on your campus of income inequality around the world. As students file in, each is given a ticket with A, B, or C, representing high/middle/low-income earners around the world. Alicia sets the scene, and your students sit down to a meal reflecting their income group. High income earners sit at a table, and are served a meal of rice, meat, several vegetables and juice. Middle income earners serve themselves from a basic buffet of rice and one vegetable, plus a drink; they sit on the floor. Low income earners receive a half cup of rice, and water. We then “introduce” members (volunteers) and their stories, asking them to move from one group to another, as fortune or misfortune marks their lives. This sparks a lively discussion on poverty and income inequality. We wrap up with a brief visual presentation of Alicia’s time at a leprosy hospital and hospice in India. This event will be discussed on campus and in the playground for months to come!

Polish Your Personal Brand – And Reap the Benefits! 

Every one of us has a personal brand, and whether or not we realize it, it’s broadcasting to the world each moment who we are: how we do business, how we deal with conflict or stress, the type of intern or employee we’d make—even the type of friend or romantic partner we’re likely to be. Social media, uploading our lives and an overall blurring of boundaries means our brand is on display constantly. This session will explore small gestures with big impact: the interactive “giveaways” we often don’t know we’re conveying to others. Do they boost you, or betray you? Show the world your best self. You’ll leave with top tips for authentically conveying your best—in person, online, at networking events, and job interviews, plus some key ideas for being on camera. Whatever the setting, your brand will shine through!

Embracing Difference:

Growth comes when we learn to be accepting of others who are different to us. But before we can stretch, it helps to explore our comfort zone. What assumptions do we make about members of other communities? What are they based on: movies, childhood experiences, sports, news headlines?  What assumptions do we make in regard to lifestyle choices, belief systems and abilities? What differences – seen and unseen – are present? Crucially, what common ground so we have? How does the role of intent shape our approach? And are these assumptions fair, true or accurate? Let’s consider the language we use, the action or inaction taken, the value judgments we make,  and the feelings (especially fear) generated when we interact with others – or perhaps, why we choose not to interact. We wrap up with simple, safe ways to widen our exposure to diversity: on mission, on campus, in our own backyard.

Navigating Change:

As the saying goes: If there’s one constant in life, it’s change. Sometimes we choose it: a new campus, a, new city, a new relationship. But change can be scary, even when we want it. Other times, it can seem like change is forced on us: a parent remarries, or we get transferred, or a surprise pregnancy announces itself.  But in that state of flux lies opportunities loaded with potential—to grow, to challenge ourselves, to discover hidden strengths and passions. We’ll explore myriad ways to embrace change today, from small tweaks in our daily routines, to moderate stretches in how we communicate, to times when we fully reach out, and stand out of our comfort zone. It’s in these moments that we harness the power and promise of change: to tap a new side to ourselves and to get more—much more—out of life.

Volunteer Work Around the World:

Are your students taking a semester abroad? or considering a Gap Year? Alicia shows how easily we can make a difference in our communities and in other countries. She has worked for Mother Teresa at a Calcutta hospice (where she experienced an unforgettable Christmas), and a leprosy hospital. There, she also assisted a mobile clinic for basic medical care: imagine an abandoned railway station overflowing with people—and with wild boar roaming around. Elsewhere in Asia, Alicia worked at an orphanage in Jakarta, Indonesia, and later, at a seniors’ center in Chile.

The Joy Of Expanding Your Comfort Zone:  

From a growing trend of adult “Gap Years” to a sabbatical, many of us reach a point where we crave change in some part of our life. Some pine for a whole new adventure, others desire a gentle tweak of their routine, their career—or their mindset. Alicia talks about her move from social worker to international news anchor, to award-winning writer & publisher. She has also volunteered in India at a hospice and leprosy hospital, and has relocated to Chile, Moscow and SE Asia. Hear how you can apply those skills and insights to your own life.

Parachuting Into A New Life:

Imagine parachuting into a new city, county or culture—knowing no one. Perhaps you have secured an international assignment through your work. Maybe you’re a trailing spouse. Or it might be that you’re exploring options for a semester abroad. How do you make a start, and what essential tools do you need to get you started? Alicia has relocated from Australia, to Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Chile (to name a few). She explores simple steps and vital preparation before you ever pack, and how to keep your sanity and sense of humour in those early days. We’ll explore how to forge networks, develop friendships—and the delights that await you when you step out of the “expat bubble.”

Hitching A Ride In A Funeral Car:

A fun, dynamic sample of some of the world’s most intriguing cultures. Learn why every private car in Moscow is a potential taxi, and how to hitch a ride on a fire-truck, ambulance and funeral car (empty, of course). See the best way to walk in India, the flexible notion of time in Africa and Chile, and the ideal moment to arrive at a dinner party in Italy. We’ll discuss startling and humourous encounters with Eastern European paperwork and delve into work-place dynamics – for example, some unexpected and quirky differences between Australian and US office culture. Alicia also discusses her time in a bilingual newsroom in Moscow and the adventure it offered.

Kindness—The New Black:

It seems like we’re more logged on than ever, but less connected. Rediscover simple ways to tap grace and kindness amid the rush our modern life. We explore small courtesies and the role they can play in our lives—as well as easy strategies to inspire the same in others. We’ll also look at gratitude—a simple, yet powerful tool to make a difference in our daily lives.

Customized Topic:

Alicia would be delighted to work with your school or campus to build a theme that reflects your particular interest.


Alicia travels throughout Australia, Europe  and for speaking engagements and other presentation

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