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Today, many of us are flocking to social media – and it’s a dynamic field to harness.

That said, we’re losing MAJOR publicity opportunities (and our competitors are gaining them) if we overlook the power of traditional media: television, radio and print continue to command droves of devotees. Each medium offers  an attentive and lucrative audience.

Through Powerhouse Publicity, Alicia and her team can show you how to spark publicity for your business. We’ll explore:

  • Advertising vs. Publicity
  • Key Types of Traditional Media – and how to make them work for you.
  • Lead Times and Deadlines
  • How to Stand Out as a Guest.
  • Building a Juicy Publicity Calendar
  • Learn the tricks of a sparkling media release (or we can write them for you!)



Imagine your customers sitting in their car during their commute. They’re a captive audience, ready for your message! Producers are always looking for good “talent” – that’s you! They need dynamic guests who can talk on issues which are both topical (tied to a current event) and evergreen (meaning they’re relevant at any time of year).

  • How to prepare for your radio spot
  • Tips on what to do and not to do – be a dynamic guest!
  • How to get rebooked!
  • Follow-up: how to publicise your publicity!
  • Role play radio interviews: why you can’t give a one-minute answer in a two-minute radio spot!


From big-screens to hand-held mobile devices, we’re consuming a steady stream of news and entertainment. A television interview can catapult yourself and your business from obscurity to center stage!

  • Newsroom overview: who to contact and the best times and ways to do it.
  • Interview: On location or studio based?
  • Affordable tips for a polished look.
  • Being Highly Quotable: Speaking in soundbites
  • Posture, position, and pace.
  • What to wear and what to avoid
  • Fun, informative role playing for tv interviews.

Newspapers & Magazines (and their online equivalents)

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