The Savvy Bride's Guide: Simple Ways to a Stylish & Graceful Wedding


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Be a Savvy Bride!

Who gets a marriage proposal in the middle of a job interview? Alicia Young did. Really.

Then she nearly derailed her own wedding when she got flustered with the vows. Gazing into the eyes of her handsome groom, Jon, she declared, “I, Alicia, take you, Father Patrick. . . .”

She had almost married the priest.

While ring shopping, she breezily remarked, “Studies show, the bigger the diamond, the stronger the marriage.” Jon didn’t buy it (literally or figuratively). But years later, they’re still happily married—even without a rock the size of an ice cube. Imagine!

Tips and Tales from Around the World

Hear from other brides, glean advice from wedding experts, and be inspired by colorful customs from different cultures.

The Savvy Bride’s Guide: Simple Ways to a Stylish & Graceful Wedding will help you:

  • Trim the guest list, control your budget, and still enjoy a decadent celebration.
  • Speak fluent “bride,” from boutonnières to bomboniere.
  • Sort the key elements, solve the little details, and surprise your parents with heartfelt touches they will cherish.
  • Handle family dynamics with the polish of a seasoned diplomat.

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