Alicia has the unique ability to be thorough, comprehensive, and yet not overwhelming. Her speaking sessions unite her wealth of knowledge with her graceful presence and kind personality. I walked in without understanding the difference between ‘advertising’ and ‘publicity’, and walked out with an in-depth plan for incorporating journalism methods into my business marketing.

Leah Vlatko

Creative and Small Business Owner, 2017.

In 20 minutes I gained 20 tips that will assist me in my public relations campaign – positive, energetic and humorous delivery from somebody with confidence.

A. Sobczak

(NEIS Participant Aug. 2017)

Alicia had a very fresh approach in her delivery today, she offers relevant and insightful information in a way that is punctual and concise but also clear and engaging to the listener..thank you, Alicia, I look forward to hearing more of your work. I left a grateful and informed.


Fremantle, West Australia. 2017

I will view everything differently as a result of Alicia’s journalism knowledge.

A. Taylor

PW, 2017

I was feeling overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start with organising the content for my website. Alicia, from Powerhouse Publicity, expertly guided me through the process as she created all of the copywriting.

Within one phone call, she was able to understand my business and make helpful suggestions on how best to proceed. Alicia was extremely patient and professional from start to finish. Her expertise comes from her extensive background as a successful writer and journalist. I felt confident with Alicia leading the way and I love the end result!

Lisa Jansen

Infinite Clarity Coaching (www.infiniteclaritycoaching.com)

Alicia explained various easy ways of gaining publicity for small businesses. I was unaware of most of these techniques, but I am already exploring some of them to publicise my business. She also gave helpful tips about effective public speaking which gave me tremendous amount of confidence to do my first ever presentation.

(Disclosure: I’m proud to share that Shruti Diwan designed this website. We attended the same business course.)

Shruti Diwan

Personal Branding Photographer (www.alchemyphotography.com.au)

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